About Us

FirstBit Digital Technologies develops web-based platforms and supports businesses to market the platform on the internet. We have developed platforms for website development, digital marketing project management, and online reputation management to support Digital Marketing Agencies.

What We Do

What We Do:

Established digital marketing agencies trust our custom web-design platform and digital marketing project management software in the US & India. We also offer turnkey website design and digital marketing services to digital marketing agencies on a project basis or through a dedicated team.

Contact us if you want to build a web-based platform for your startup. Our website builder designed to develop custom websites makes us the ideal digital agency partner for website development. Digital Marketing Agencies use our project management platform to manage several digital marketing projects or outsource their website design and marketing projects.

Our Mission

Our Mission:

  • Help startups and small web-based businesses through our platform development & digital marketing expertise.
  • Offer support to digital marketing agencies for website development, online marketing management, and turnkey services of website design and marketing.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us:

We have developed several platform-based businesses in US and India. We are currently managing all website design and digital marketing execution for over 300 businesses in the US for two US-based digital marketing agencies. We also manage all web design and marketing for an Indian digital marketing agency.